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Industrial electrical panels: why is it so important to have them tailor made?

When choosing a new car at your trustworthy dealer, do you just look for a good price? Of course not. You check if the model you like comes in the colour you like, with the upholstery that feels the most comfortable to you and you also look for all the other optionals you’ve always wanted and that you’re sure will give you a better driving experience.

At the same time, why shouldn’t someone be as careful when purchasing a new industrial electrical panel? It may sound like triviality, but a tailor made electrical panel can make the difference between a perfectly functioning production line and constant breakdowns and haults due to electric and electronic issues.

More than just safety

The attention to detail is not just dedicated to safety regulations, but it also focuses on choosing the right components. For every industrial environment it is absolutely necessary to select the electric and electronic components that can fully adapt to the peculiar conditions of every production line. Let’s just think, for example, to all the environmental hazards that a production line has to offer: high temperatures, EMPs, dusts, acids and chemical compunds.

It comes without saying that every component in an industrial electrical panel has to resist such hazards to ensure the right functioning of a production line and the safety of all the machineries installed.

Let’s not also forget that electrical panels protect production plants and machineries from power surges, blackouts and are fundamental to guarantee an accurate and constant voltage supply to the whole production line.

The attention to detail and effort Ferrazza puts in its electrical panels also includes choosing the right insulation, electric and electromagnetic shielding to avoid jammings to the control devices and the sensors installed both inside the electrical panels and electric motors.

Functional but also aesthetically pleasing

Ferrazza’s attention to detail with its electrical panels begins with the very first phases of the project: designing the electrical scheme and choosing the electric and electronic components to install. Each terminal, socket, circuit and cable is carefully positioned and installed to get the most effective wiring, whilst being as simple as possible. In fact, once the project is delivered one can notice and appreciate the cable management work.

Of course this is not simply done to give the customer an aesthetically pleasing product, the meticulous cable management is a key element for a more rapid maintenance, allowing the operator to more easily track a wire when changes, checks or a rewiring are in order.

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